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Saurer Twisting Solutions

Saurer Twisting Solutions, Germany

With intelligent and economical solutions Saurer Twisting Solutions regularly defines the benchmarks for twisting and cabling machines for tire cord, carpet, staple fibre, glass filament and industrial yarns.

As a supplier for complete solutions and over-all concepts their dedicated efforts are crowned with excellent reputation. The Allma and Volkmann Systems comprise a wide range of specialised solutions in the market. Products are the result of a wide experience built over many generations, paired with today’s knowledge for the textile future. Textile tradition and up-to-date technologies merge to a symbiosis of know-how, quality and product reliability.

Product range: 

CableCorder CC5

Cabling and twisting machine for tire cord and industrial yarns

The CableCorder CC5 marks what is now the fifth generation of successful cabling and twisting machines for tire cord and technical yarns from our company. With numerous innovations, it once again demonstrates its technological leadership and the associated customer benefits.

Our customers benefit economically from a coherent overall package consisting of a smart spindle concept, modern quality monitoring, improved ergonomics and both individual and flexible solutions for automation and data management.

CarpetTwister, CarpetCabler series 1.10

Two-for-one twisting and cabling machine for carpet yarns

For over 35 years, our CarpetCabler and CarpetTwister twisting and cabling machines have been producing high-quality yarns for sophisticated carpets and other textiles. Innovative developments, use of the latest technology at all times and the readiness to go one step further with and for our customers have been a common thread over the decades.

Our new series 1.10 offers optimum possibilities for reliably and confidently mastering even the most unusual requirements of an ever-changing market.

CarpetTwister, CarpetCabler series 8.02

Two-for-one twisting and cabling machine for carpet yarns

Our CarpetCabler and CarpetTwister twisting and cabling machines have been successfully used for decades to produce high quality, premium yarns for quality carpets and other textiles. Consistent energy optimisation, modern technologies and proven developments support the yarn production in the most economical way – for your success.


High-performance twisting machine for staple fibre yarns

The CompactTwister has been established in the market for over 25 years. The latest generation, the series 8, once again sets new standards for the quality of twisted yarn, flexibility, energy consumption, robustness, lower space require-ment and ease of maintenance.

Nearly 5 million supplied spindles demonstrate its leading position on the market. Thanks to innovative development and the latest production methods, the CompactTwister offers high efficiency combined with excellent quality of the cross-wound twist packages produced.


Twisting machine for yarns in the medium and fine count range

The FusionTwister sets new standards in quality and performance and is the logical answer to the current market requirements. Developed on the basis of intensive market research and taking into account the requests and specific demands of our customers, the FusionTwister offers optimum economic efficiency.

TechnoCorder TC2

Two-for-one twisting machine for all technical yarns made of single and multiple yarns

Technical yarns are used in very different fields of application of our environment. Industrial textiles, geotextiles, packaging textiles represent only a few examples of possible applications. As manifold as the applications are, as high are the demands placed on the production technology for industrial yarns. The two-for-one twisting machine TechnoCorder TC2 is a high-performance machine for twisting single and multiple yarns from a multitude of supply materials in a very wide range of yarn counts.

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