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Saurer Volkmann

Within the Saurer Group, Allma in Kempten and Volkmann in Krefeld make up the business unit Allma Volkmann. Allma and Volkmann are the leaders in the world of twisting and cabling technology.

Volkmann stands for high quality twisting and cabling machines for staple fibre yarns, carpet yarns and glass filament yarns.

The CarpetTwister/CarpetCabler and Heat-SET offer even more customer benefits

Volkmann is winning over customers with the new CarpetTwister and CarpetCabler product generation. The new generation was awarded the E³ label for triple added value in the areas of energy, economics and ergonomics.

The outstanding characteristics are the energy-saving spindle family and the maximum quality with optimum economic efficiency. Spindle and spindle pot versions as well as drive and storage technology enable very high energy savings of up to 40%. With delivery speeds of up to 120 m/min during uptwisting, reduced space requirements due to smaller spindle gauge and the adaptation of the spindle speed, productivity can be increased by up to 45%. Operating times can be reduced by up to 8%, thanks to the pneumatic creel, threading aids, new pneumatic centrally adjustable creel yarn brakes and ball yarn brakes. A new feature is the computer controlled drive system, which enables a quick changeover to new yarn lots and the change of production parameters. This increases the machine availability and simplifies operation.


Heat-SET shortens the production process of carpet yarns

After cabling, BCF carpet yarns are heat set in a second process step to stabilise the shape. Volkmann integrates this process step in the cabling machine – cabling and heat setting in one process run. Interim storage and handling are no longer needed at all, process costs are clearly reduced and a significant contribution to economic efficiency is achieved with the faster order turnaround times, shorter process sequences and greater system utilisation.


Michael Niemeyer
Weeserweg 60
47804 Krefeld
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Yves Le Clair
+32(0)9 333 88 81
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