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Components, only better!

Heberlein® WarpJet provides time saving threading and energy efficient customized interlacing. The new updated WarpJet boasts performance improvements of between 10% and 50% thanks to higher operating speeds, lower air consumption, and higher nip numbers. Its modular design allows a choice between a cost optimization or high-end performance solution. The full range of Heberlein jets will operate on the WarpJet in line with yarn size and performance requirements and the jet package in-sert of 32 ends is easy to mount and unmount for easy maintenance.


Heberlein® KF Jet Insert provides knot free air interlacing for false-twist texturing.

The new updated KF Jet Insert guarantees there are no imperfections in the fabric such as pinholes, teardrops or stripes. It provides a 15% to 30% increased unwinding speed compared to non-interlaced yarn together with improved energy efficiency.


Heberlein® PolyJet SP-2 HP provides High Performance air interlacing for filament spinning applications. The latest PolyJet has the full range of jet inserts for producing all yarns including finer denier (


Martin Toti
Bleikenstrasse 11
9630 Wattwil
+41 71 987 44 44


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