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Company PLEVA GmbH is developing and producing sensors and control systems since 1969. The PLEVA products are proved of value with great success worldwide under extremely hard circumstances from end users and the machinery industry. The focus of PLEVA R&D are systems for on-line controls and monitoring of industrial processes. The company is represented in all important industrial countries and has service bases worldwide.


The PLEVA program comprises:

- Measuring and control systems for material moisture, application moisture, size add-on, residual  
  moisture, humidity, fabric temperature, oxygen, dwell-time , thread distortion, pick/course density

- High-tech Straightening system for textile industry

- Process visualization


New WEFT-STRAIGHTENING concept with latest high resolution camera
- Adaptable high speed traversing and measuring points for SKEW and BOW for different fabric distortions
- Sectional distortion analysis

- Sectional straightening concept for delicated distortions
- Integrated width measurement and fabric position indication

- Automatic adjustment for different fabric width
- Dual Structure Detector for measuring low to high density fabric

New PLEVA PROCESS BOX for connection of
- Up to 8 fabric/air temperature sensors TDS
- Air humidity sensor FSX
- Residual moisture  sensor RR

NEW Exhaust humidity measurement FS BOX
- Up to 3 humidity sensors FSX
- High temperature version

- Expanded measuring range
- Longer lifespan

NEW OXYGEN measurement OS BOX
- Measuring of oxygen and humidity under extreme conditions
- Up to 3 sensors OS


Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 2
72186 Empfingen
+49 74851004


Hans De Tremerie
+32(0)9 333 88 84
+32(0)496 25 35 04

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