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IBG Monforts GmbH & Co. is a family company with a history dating back over 130 years, with headquarters in Mönchengladbach (Germany). The company is run by owner and CEO Christian Monforts von Hobe. As an international corporate group comprising five divisions, these divisions occupy leading technology positions in a wide range of application areas under the motto: Custom made "Meisterlich" since 1884.

These five divisions include:

IBG Monforts Brush Roller Technology, which develops and manufactures precision brush rollers, brush machines, and specialist rollers. The company is a technology leader in the area of plate glass cleaning, and supplies manufacturers of machinery for the print, textile, and foodstuffs industries.

IBG Monforts Oeko Technology, which produces vegetable oil presses and filter presses for the production of food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical oils. Customers include oil mills, laboratories, delicatessens, and private clients.

IBG Monforts Coating Technology, whichwas the first company in Germany to use Teflon®.Today, the surface technology division manufactures PTFE and Teflon® coatings with non-stick action to optimize sliding friction properties and for corrosion protection. The coatings are used in plant engineering, in the chemical, textile, foodstuffs, and packaging industries, as well as for surface protection in offshore applications.

IBG Monforts Fluoroplastic Technology, whichis specialised in the processing of high-performance plastics, with a production range consisting of finished and semi-finished goods made from fluoroplastics; in particular the materials PTFE and PFA. One of Germany's top five suppliers of PTFE, IBG Monforts supplies customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the foodstuffs, print and textile industries, and general machine and plant engineering with compensators and valve bellows. Our fluor products are also used in the working and maintenance of enamelled pipes and containers.

IBG Monforts Sliding Bearing Technology, whichsupplies PTFE sliding bearings such as pointed rocker bearings, spherical bearings, high-temperature bearings, and flat slide bearings that are used in construction and in plant engineering. The company also offers system technology and consulting for the development of technically challenging slide bearing applications.



Diederik De Loë
Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Strasse 2
41199 Mönchengladbach
+49 1726548309


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