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The company was founded in 1850 by Severin Heusch. He invented the first machine driven shearing blade, revolutionizing textile processing. For the last 164 years the company kept that momentum and constantly introduced better solutions, optimized processes and new technology.  Heusch shearing products are still the yardstick right up to present day and are the epitome of top quality shearing. Heusch products are suitable for all type of shearing machines and all shearing machine brands.

At ITMA Milan 2015 HEUSCH will give center stage to the next generation of shearing spiral called SIRIUS*. For all textile and carpet manufacturers requiring best-in-class shearing the new Heusch textile spiral is a must have. With this innovative product we cement our dominion in the market for shearing spirals and ledger blades. SIRIUS* is modeled after the principle of the beaver tooth. As with all gnawers the back of the tooth wears off much faster than the front. This is why the tooth always stays sharp. The same applies to SIRIUS*. Utilizing patented technology the working principle is perfected for this next generation textile spiral. The result: Perfect shearing because the shearing unit stays sharp for extremely long time.

Beaver teeth (our role model) consist of two different materials: softer Dentin and extremely hard dental Enamel. Due to their different hardness the Dentin will wear off much faster than the Enamel hence the teeth will keep their sharp bite. The SIRIUS* textile spiral also has two different degrees of hardness. The outer section of the spiral is especially hardened in a unique process, which makes it ultra-hard. The hardness for this section can be selected according to customer requirements. The inner spiral section comes with traditional hardness. The two sections on the spiral function as Dentin and Enamel on a beaver tooth.

SIRIUS* comes in three variations distinguished by hardness of the outer spiral section:

            1.         SIRIUS* Diamond – most hardest variation

            2.         SIRIUS* Titanium – very hard variation

            3.         SIRIUS* Granite – a notch harder than regular spirals

Customer select their SIRIUS* type based on fabric and ledger blade. HEUSCH offers three different types of ledger blades HL, H4 and Polymant to be combined with the SIRIUS* spiral. Together with the customer HEUSCH application technicians and service centers will help to identify THE best solution for your specific requirements.


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