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Hammer-IMS is a high-tech company in the field of industrial sensing. Hammer-IMS supplies inline and offline, contactless measuring systems for measuring thickness, basis weight and anomalies of semi-finished products, based on the disruptive technology of Hammer-IMS's M-Rays. This technology combines millimeter waves (=high-frequency electromagnetic waves) with innovative algorithms to a powerful alternative for today’s nuclear and radioactive measuring equipment.

Millimeter wave measurements are favorable in situations where conventional technologies such as optical technologies, nuclear or radioactive radiation, ultrasound waves, inductive or capacitive measurement systems fail, are undesirable or provide an unreliable output. The modular and robust Hammer-IMS systems offer up to micron level accuracy on industrial in-line production machines.

The Marveloc systems of Hammer-IMS accommodate single or multiple M-Ray sensors for thickness or basis weight measurements and, if desired, combined with other sensor types like eddy current sensors, for measuring the distance from the M-Ray sensor to a metal base plate mounted underneath the material to be measured, laser time of flight (TOF) or triangulation sensor, for hybrid thickness measurement or detection purposes, laser curtain sensor, for surface roughness measurement or point defect detection, moisture sensor for water content measurements, air permeability sensors for quality control of filter products, ….

The innovative millimeter wave technology is suitable for a long list of materials across a range of industries: nonwoven, textile coating, carpet backing, plastic cast film and sheet extrusion, mineral wools, composites, paper & pulp, and glass. The Marveloc family of measuring systems can optionally be combined with Hammer-IMS’s CURTAIN hardware, supporting a multi-sensor solution for fast profile measurement in cross-machine direction. This multi-sensor approach is a clear differentiator compared to conventional methods. The measuring technology is sustainable, non-nuclear and non-radioactive, and suitable for material thicknesses up to tens of centimeters. The Hammer-IMS systems measure both transparent and opaque materials in any color as well as rough and shiny surfaces.



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