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Georg Koinzer

Since over 50 years Georg Koinzer GmbH & Co. KG (GEKO) produces innovative lattices for the use in the textile industry. You can find our products in the world´s leading textile machines.

We produce spiked lattices for bale openers, hopper feeders, blenders and mixing machines in the fibre preparation of spinning mills and nonwoven lines. We also produce lattices as feed/transfer conveyor or for crosslappers.

Our customers include most of the leading european and partly worldwide automotive suppliers for interiors and acoustic insulation. Furthermore, we supply big producers of needle felt carpet, technical nonwovens and hygiene products. And of course the worldwide spinning mills.


tambula GmbH produces spiked rollers and perforation devices, mainly for perforation and embossing of plastic and metall foils or paper and nonwovens - or for transport functions.

For an example, you can find with our products processed materials as perforated bread roll bags, embossed heat protection sheets in cars and trucks, perforated special papers or industrial bags/sacks.

We also produce lags for tearing and opening machines, made out of pinned laminated wood or aluminium.

tambula GmbH specialist in producing pinned parts in manifold forms and versions:
- Spiked rollers for the perforation of foils
- Spiked rollers for microperforation, e. g. ventilation
- Spiked rollers for the transport in textile or wood processing machines
- Spiked rollers for the processing of any kind of material
- Embossing rollers for the production of embossed foils or non-woven fabrics
- Hot perforation rollers for foil or non-woven fabric
- Spiked rollers with a diameter of 20 to 400 mm and a length of 5 to 5000 mm
- Pinned lags of laminated wood or aluminium for the opening and tearing of fibres
- Standard perforation device
- Most of the parts are produced according to the customers' requirements


Lothar Braun
Robert-Bunsen-Str. 15
36179 Bebra
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