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C+L Textilmaschinen

As prime supplier of reeling machines, Croon and Lucke delivers best-in-class machinery. Located in Mengen, Germany, C+L employs a staff of over 100.

At ITMA, C+L has shown the following machines:

- KA 1000 - Automatic Balling machine

 Due to restricted space available, exhibit has 10 positions only


- Can be refit to fully-automatic balling machine type RKC by mounting

a ball band magazine unit onto the machine frame

- no hydraulic drive system - all electric

- operation panel with touch screen + storage of approx. 300 balling recipes


- BSP 4 - Winding Machine (4 positions) for ribbon, rope and yarn,

  with automatic doffing of finished spools. Also available with 8 positions.

  Available for the winding of pull skeins as type BSP 10 (10 positions for large

  skeins) and BSP 16 (16 positions for standard size skeins).

  With the possibility to connect one or two of these machines by a cup

  conveyor to an automatic skein banding machine BAG-P (on BSP 10)

  or BA-P (on BSP 16).

  On BSP winders the distance between thread guide and mandrels/skeins is

 kept constant by moving the thread laying unit away from mandrel during

  the winding cycle. This way it will be guaranteed to have the same distance

  between product and thread guide for a precise and thus beautiful yarn picture


- MHW 3 - Precision Winding Machine (3 winding positions)

  for manual change of tube / spools.

  Available in units with 1 - 6 positions, designed for technical yarns,

  with outstanding possibilities to setup the winder to the specific needs

  of these technical yarns.


Flachsstrasse 15
88512 Mengen
+49 75726010


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