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Founded in 1895, Burcklé has developed the production of accessories for weaving looms such as reeds, frames, heddles, drop wires,

Very active in France & Europe at its beginning, the company has managed to develop its expansion with the help of the export in order to follow the textile industry worldwide.

Since 2003, Burcklé is integrated into the PICANOL Group.

Today Burcklé has an international reputation and presence, through its agents network, and supplies major machineries producers & weavers which are specialized in the weaving of fabrics used for apparels, upholstery, carpet, technical purposes or PMC.

Markets & products line :

  • All woven fabrics: profiled reeds, flat reeds & double reeds.
  • Narrow fabrics (straps, belts,…): soldered reeds.
  • Carpet & Velvet: reeds, twin wire heddles, contact bars, drop wires.
  • PMC: sections frames, heddles (flat, twin wire, brazed eye).
  • Fabric preparation: V-reed, expansion comb, leasing reeds, hook reeds.
  • Reeds manufacturing: profiled dents, conicals, velvet reeds, dents, reed wire, binding wire,…
  • Subcontracting: steel strip stamping, tribofinishing, electro-erosion

For technical textiles using fibres such as glass, aramids, carbon,…Burcklé has developed air jet & flat reeds made from abrasion resistant stainless steel under the type MA33 or TECH. This special material will offer longer life time than standard stainless steel reeds & better weaving performances.

With its strong R&D team, Burcklé is able to develop all kinds of weaving / guiding reeds used in the production of high quality textiles.


Khaled Skhairi
9 rue de Bourbach-le-Haut
68290 Bourbach-le-Bas
+33 3 89 82 89 89


Hans De Tremerie
+32(0)9 333 88 84
+32(0)496 25 35 04

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